Behind every hero lies a heartbreak.

MITL hoodie endorser? Buy now! Lol jk.

You don’t have a valentine on Valentine’s Day? Some people don’t have a mother on Mother’s Day or a father on Father’s Day so shut up.

Single hurr, dun curr.

The barrage of bitter, loveless people starts in 5, 4, 3, 2…


It’s loud enough inside my head. I got problems and issues and i know it’s quite natural, But a person can only take so much. And this is all too much for me.

I’m done, i give up.

Guess some things are really better off left unsaid, like when i said that i’m starting to fall in love with you. It’s just that i really want to be completely honest with you but it turned out i just empowered you to hurt me even more. I expected too much from myself that i had believed that i can change your mind and so i gave it a shot.

You said that you’re not yet ready for any relationships but being friends. I guess i should not have lied to you when i said that i’m completely fine with that, because i am not. And That i’m still thankful for what we have right now, because the truth is i want more.

Part of me knew that this was going to happen but i risked it anyway. It hurts but i’m grateful at the same time because i can now move on, but i can’t, and i don’t want to. Why? Cause another side of me is still patiently waiting that eventually you’ll change your mind.

The worst part of it all wasn’t the fact that you can’t give me the same love i had thought you can give me, it was being rejected.

Although i’ve been here a lot of times now and should’ve gotten used to the feeling. But with you it was a completely different case. Cause you made me believe that i stood a chance.

I expected too much and i guess it is really my fault after all.

Do i like you?


Will i chase you?


"I’ll never leave you"

Yea, right. Never leave you my ass now.

It’s crazy how wrong you can be about a person. You think that they’re one thing and they turn out the exact opposite.

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